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The SES Lay Institute is an institute with course offerings in various areas. Once enrolled in the Lay Institute, you will be able to purchase courses.

Courses are available for purchase as an individual or as a church. As an individual you will work through the course guided by a facilitator and earn a certificate of completion upon completion of the course. For more information about the church package, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Lay Institute courses are designed with 21st century Christians in mind. You can take Lay Institute courses on your phone, tablet or home computer.

Current Course Offerings:

    • Apologetics

The Apologetics course will give you growing confidence as you share our Lord and His truth with others, and it will help you to more effectively answer the objections and questions you may face.

In the Apologetics course you will be taught by such noted apologists and scholars as:

        • J. Thomas Bridges
        • William Dembski
        • David Geisler
        • Norman Geisler
        • Gary Habermas
        • Richard Howe
        • Brian Huffling
        • Richard Land
        • Jay Richards
        • Frank Turek

The Apologetics course contains three modules of focused study in the field of Apologetics. The first module is taught by Dr. Norman Geisler and covers the 12 steps to show that Christianity is true. The second module is taught by various scholars and apologists, covering specific issues in the field of Apologetics. The final module is taught by David Geisler and covers different approaches in applying Apologetics

    • Biblical Studies (coming soon!)

The Biblical Studies course is what you've been looking for to increase your biblical literacy. This course covers the entire Bible, laying out the content and themes of each book of the Bible, as well as Apologetic issues related to the Bible. Whether you are a young Christian or a mature Christian, this course will deepen your understanding of the message of the Bible.

Church Package

Are you interested in using our Apologetics course in a church setting? We have the solution for you! The Southern Evangelical Lay Institute Church Package serves as a way for churches to use the material offered by the Lay Institute without receiving official lay level certification from Southern Evangelical Seminary. The church package provides excellent study material for a small group setting.

The church package is facilitated by a designated official from the church. The church may purchase the church package for $500, giving them the rights to use the lecture materials contained in the Lay Institute course for their own educational purposes for 12 months.

If members of the church wish to purchase the course individually in order to receive the certificate of completion, they will be offered a promotional price of $145 for the during the 12-month period which the church has been authorized to offer the course.

For more information on this exciting opportunity, call Jeff Lenhart at 800-77-TRUTH x235, or email at jlenhart@ses.edu.